Photo by Jack Devlin


The Center for Historical Enquiry & the Social Sciences (YaleCHESS) highlights the interplay between history and the present. Its work spurs new collective thinking about large-scale social transformations and solutions to seemingly intractable social crises and problems. Taking intellectual risks is actively encouraged.

This cross-disciplinary center, headquartered at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center, spans the divide between the social sciences and humanities, bringing together a diverse complement of scholars to answer large questions that help us better understand the world we live in. Scholars learn from one another’s methodological expertise and substantive knowledge. CHESS’s key events are open to the public.


March 13, 2024
On February 21, in the 2024 iteration of the annual Center for Historical Enquiry & the Social Sciences (CHESS) lecture, the Macmillan Center hosted Professor James...