The workshop will meet regularly on Fridays during term to discuss pre circulated papers. The papers will represent the cutting edge of scholarship at the interface between historically inflected work between the humanities and the social sciences. Each workshop will begin with the response from an affiliated graduate student to be followed by lively and free ranging discussion.

Instructions for responding at CHESS.

Spring 2019 Workshops

12-1:20 PM , Grace Hopper Head of College House, 434 College Street

Light lunch served from 11:30 AM

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January 18

Rebecca Spang, Professor of History, Indiana University
Visiting Fellow, Yale School of Management

Credit Crises, Persons, and Things in the French Second Republic

February 1

Steven Wilkinson, Nilekani Professor of India and South Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Yale University

Marching on the Bastille: Local Organizational Capacity and Conflict in Revolutionary France

February 15

Alison Frank Johnson, Professor of History, Harvard University 

The Emperor, the Minister, and the Executioner: Capital Punishment in the (Late) Habsburg Monarchy
~Co-Sponsored by the Early Modern Empires Workshop~

March 1

Stephanie Mudge, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California Davis

Leftism Reinvented: Western Parties from Socialism to Neoliberalism

Q&A with Author

March 28: The Annual YaleChess Lecture

Karen Barkey, Haas Distinguished Chair of Religious Diversity and Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

“Living with Difference: Shared Sacred Sites in the Contemporary Mediterranean”
~Co-Sponsored by the Yale Divinity School~

April 5

Anne McCants, Professor of History, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

“Polygamy and the Commodification of Women as Brakes on Economic Growth”
~Co-Sponsored by International History Workshop~