Knowledge Economies

Knowledge EconomiesCHESS Graduate Student Conference: Knowledge Economies
Friday, 14 February 2014
203 Luce Hall
(please note new room location)

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9:30 – 10am Continental Breakfast

10 -11:45am  Panel 1: Technical Knowledge, Expertise, and the Control of Information
Discussant: Margaret C. Jacob (Distinguished Professor of History, UCLA)

Anna Graber (History)
“Tsardom of Rock: Economic Implications of Mineralogical Study in Enlightenment Russia”

Jonathan Endelman (Sociology)
“Made to Be Seen”: Visual Signs and Colonial State Construction in Jordan

Ted Fertik (History)
“Globalizing Knowledge in a Deglobalizing World: Financial and Technological Expertise in the Global Steel Industry”

Erin Pineda (Political Science)
“Civil Disobedience and Punishment:(Mis)reading Justification and Strategy from SNCC to Snowden”

11:45am -1pm Lunch

1 – 2:45pm Panel 2: Knowledge, Space, and Imperial Governance
Discussant: Steven Wilkinson (Nilekani Professor of India and South Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Yale)

Jonathan Gebhardt (History)
“Brokers of Linguistic Knowledge: European Missionaries, Chinese Converts, and Inter-linguistic Communication in Macau and Manila, 1550-1700”

Mara Caden (History)
“The Corporation, Guarded Knowledge, and the Geography of Production in the Early Modern British Empire: The Case of Making Money”

Anurag Sinha (Political Science)
“From Sovereignty to Governance: The Knowledge Economy of Imperial Rule, c. 1757-1793”

Alyssa Reichardt (History)
“To Know and Hold the Interior: The Growth of British Imperial Communications Infrastructure in the Latter Years of the North American War, 1758-1763”

2:45 – 3pm Coffee Break

3 - 4:45pm Panel 3: Economic Change, Knowledge, and the Question of Modernity
Discussant: William N. Goetzmann (Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Management Studies & Director of the International Center for Finance, Yale)

Nikhar Gaikwad (Political Science)
“East India Companies and Long-Term Economic Change in India”

Christian Burset (Law and History)
“Eighteenth-Century Commercial Litigation and the Politics of Procedure”

Noah Gentele (History)
“The Questions of Temporal Imagination in Nineteenth Century France”

Kristin Plys (Sociology)
“Economic Liberalization and the Rising Middle Class: The New Urban North Indian Coffee Culture”

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